If you are a student of software, and you love AI, then why must you get to either Germany or America, or Britain?

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Jan 10, 2023  . 6 min read
Technology has opened doors for many such inventions like the AI
Technology has opened doors for many such inventions like the AI

“Predicting the future isn’t magic; it’s artificial intelligence.” - Dave Waters. He also says  that AI is replacing manual work, easing our lives by using machines. AI is a specialised field of study that concentrates on creating intelligence in machines that function and react like humans.  Everyday AI is smart assistance and is present in self-driving cars, marketing chatbots and voice assistance. Just instruct them, and they get your work done. 

AI is increasingly accepted and adopted across various industries, not just to mention professionally but personally as well. This has created opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence, increasing the demand of graduates who can help to transform by realizing the true potential of AI. With its fast-growing, agile nature and dynamism, this field is still at the infantry stage, which makes it a great choice for a career in the current era.  

This raises the question of which country stays ahead in providing the best education, and opportunities and why one should strive to study there?

Studying AI in America

The USA holds its position on the top of the list in Artificial Intelligence although there is strong competition for the title from the UK, Germany and China the USA still beats the rest of them when it comes to engineering talent. So, to have a chance in this country, be sure to complete all your entrance exams with exceptional GPA.  

2023 is predicted to be a year of tremendous growth in the field of AI
2023 is predicted to be a year of tremendous growth in the field of AI

Just one good reason would not justify as to why one has to pursue their masters in America

- Among the list of top 50 international institutions for pursuing an MS degree in 2020, the positioning highlighted four American Universities. As per a LinkedIn report of 2020 in emerging jobs, AI experts hold a rank among the top 10 positions. The AI education here consists of a specialized branch of computer science including modeling of machine intelligence that matches human thinking in terms of functioning.

- The universities in the US focus on enabling you to acquire more practical skills that help you build software and programming careers in computer science. Therefore, you will have practical classes with projects and tasks. They also encourage you to participate in initiatives organized on campus.

- Since the US is the IT hub, it won’t be surprising that many talks and classes on new technologies will be organized by corporate and IT experts. Through this the companies might also hire interns for their projects. 

- According to “Center for Data Innovation” in 2020, the US has the most AI startups that are widely funded in equity and venture capital. These companies are the reason that the US is the frontrunner in AI.

- With the increasing market for AI, and despite the US being dominant in this sector, it suffers from a huge skill gap which inturn provides ample opportunities for AI graduates. With an average base salary of $145,000 per year for AI engineers, the market is expected to boom with job opportunities that include AI, creating over 68 percent of demand and supply. 

Studying AI in UK

The UK has also been a preferred destination when it comes to studying AI. It is no surprise that the country ranks among the top places to study AI. It holds a high potential to be the world’s IT hub and as a student the scope for graduating with master's in AI is outstanding. The country offers a rich academic heritage and brilliant training and research facilities to name a few benefits.

- The UK is known for its world renowned learning, teaching and research facilities. 3 of the top 10 universities and 7 of the top 50 universities are located in this country according to the World Ranking 2018. It is a fact that the world’s first digital computer was invented in the UK during the second world war to decipher secret messages exchanged by the Germans. 

- The universities in the UK are recognised with the high impact industry based research. Studying courses, in the UK, paves the way for further education and provides a stimulating learning ecosystem that allows international students to interact with some of the great minds and academic leaders in these fields.

- To allow students to learn and experiment with the latest technologies and skills available, UK universities have enabled their students to access state-of-art facilities and infrastructure. The course modules offered here are in line with the latest technology and industrial requirements that cover the core concepts in Artificial Intelligence.  

- The UK government's 2021 National AI Strategy pledged to make the nation 'a world leader in AI,’ and to ‘ensure this growth benefits all sectors and regions’. With the number of job postings for AI skilled employees, the demand has dramatically multiplied over the course of the past ten years, leaving the nation just behind the US and Sweden in the leading countries with the highest demand for AI skills. 

Studying AI in Germany

Germany is one of the largest absorbing countries for AI professionals and skilled laborers. The country is home to several leading industries feeding on Artificial Intelligence. There are certainly many factors that make Germany perfect for your study

Universities today offer enormous opportunities for their students growth 
Universities today offer enormous opportunities for their students growth 

- Masters in Artificial Intelligence in German Universities usually offers no tuition fee for international students. However they do charge a student fee or semester fee for studying AI. This facility helps foreign students gain world-class education from top universities at affordable prices.

- The universities encourage their AI students to embed their academic knowledge and learnings to real world situations by offering thesis and internship integrated programs. Germany is also a leading destination for AI related research and development. 

- The Artificial Intelligence market on a global scale is expected to rise by 36.1% CAGR by 2024. The value of the same is estimated to grow at US$ 3061.35 billion by the end of 2024. 

- Germany is among the top countries that has the maximum opportunities for  graduates of Artificial Intelligence. Sectors like Automotive, Robotics and Aviation demand the most skilled expertise. 

We hope that you are now sure which country is the best fit for your educational needs. Let us know your studying plans and yes, do get in touch with Creditap for financial assistance towards your AI journey abroad.