How can re-skilling or up-skilling help you amidst the pandemic?

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updating skills
updating skills

Technology-based workplaces have stood the test of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using technology, many companies were able to stay afloat amidst the economic impacts of the pandemic, instead, their operations witnessed continuity and were largely unimpacted. Taking cognizance, companies have now begun to invest in re-skilling and up-skilling their workforce to adapt to a tech-driven workflow, as much as possible.

Let’s explore the changes due to re-skilling and up-skilling and how you can take the next step to achieve your dreams.

Harnessing technology to re-skill and up-skill the workforce

While many companies laid off employees during the pandemic, many others began to hire and train new assets. A shift in the talent demand and supply created more space for virtual workplaces. Remote work opportunities began to surface and create opportunities for the vast talent pool in India. However, not everybody was found well-versed with the demands of remote working.

The zoom meetings, audio conferences, virtual collaboration, and work from home system required some level of exposure to technology. Thus, companies that sensed a gap in the market began to invest in training their new recruits. By leveraging the existing talent pool, industries began to have a clear focus on re-skilling and up-skilling their workforce to meet the rising demands of tech-enabled work environments.

Even now, companies are on the lookout for trained professionals, well-versed with various tools to make their work easier and more effective. IT companies and Internet-based businesses leveraged the shift to remote channelize their workforces thereby creating a more inclusive workforce that included people from different regions of the country and the world.

Employing a distributed workforce model

The gap in available human resources and their skills pushed companies to look beyond their existing city or state to hire from outside. This positive shift made them re-skill and up-skill employees based on the demands of their job roles. Big companies pumped resources into skilling initiatives that made the new recruits job-ready within the training window period.

The advantage this brought is that people in rural areas could seek employment in top-tier cities without having to incur the expenses of moving to a city. More qualified people were identified from across the regions to suit the industry demands. Businesses could train and deploy assets with in-house training initiatives. Companies began to search nationwide for employable resources and the turn up was impressive.

A distributed workforce model became a trend across various industries and disciplines.

Streamlining the employment lifecycle

To catch up to the new requirements at work, companies began to scale up their hiring operations. Businesses of all sizes further streamlined their hiring process with technology tools. As long as a qualified asset was able to perform their duties over a secure internet connection, they were allowed to work from anywhere. While this was the case in many jobs, some jobs still required manpower physically present on-site.

Through training and management, companies were able to re-skill their existing workforce to collaborate remotely. At the same time, the up-skilling of new employees meant that there was more focus on using various technological aspects for efficient workflow. Remote work became a new normal and worthy aspirants took every chance to learn a new skill or two.

Online skilling opportunities

Another major wave of reform was in the number of online courses available to students and professionals alike. Brands like Coursera, Udemy, Byjus, UpGrad, Edureka, and others began to offer affordable skill-based training modules for students and professionals. With the increased access to resources, aspirants were able to equip themselves before attending an interview at their future company.

This shift to online-skilling opportunities and skilling initiatives allowed flexibility in learning, making education and skill development easily accessible, at the same time more affordable to all. Companies of all sizes leveraged online skilling modules to train and deploy their resources within a dedicated time frame and with much ease. This shift saved time and resources in the pursuit of continuing operations by deploying a trained and skilled workforce.

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bridging skill gaps
bridging skill gaps

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