Easy Financing for Private Schools in India

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In the phase of an increasing child population, pressures on educational quality and ever-tighter budgets, Governments are facing immense pressure to deliver education more equitably and efficiently. As a result, Governments around the world are making the economic and political decision to engage the non-state sector to deliver education that may have previously been delivered by the public sector. They do this because they believe it would result in bringing about efficiencies that improve not only the quantity but also potentially the quality of education. We, now, have fast-growing private educational institutions the World over.

Private schools are deemed the best possible solution towards a child's educational needs and considered well worth the cost by most parents in India. Today's parents like to keep no stone unturned when it comes to their children's future and want the best for them. Educational institutes and schools too should bear this fact in mind and strive to keep up with the times by investing more and more on infrastructural developments, incorporation of newer technologies in the teaching methodologies and implementing high-end means to foster better learning. This endeavour to keep up with the times and the growing needs of today's students however entails a huge investment in terms of capital and finances. 

What is the scenario like?

India has more than 339,000 private schools that are ever-growing and 69 million students study only at the elementary levels. Hence, although the scope to garner more and more students into your institute is quite high, the competition you will face is extremely stiff. Besides this, taking care of finances is a mind-boggling task. At a very basic level, to open a school up to Standard V, requires more than Rs. 20 lakhs. This becomes around Rs. 40 - 50 lakhs if you want to upgrade till Standard VIII and about a crore if it is till Standard X. These don't even include the cost of the land etc. where you wish to set up. 

What is the solution?

Smarter and efficient cash flow management becomes critical for institutional longevity and Creditap Steps in to provide smart financial offerings which ensures better infrastructure, better admissions and loyal employees to an Institution.

Creditap ensures better cash flow to the institution through hassle-free disbursal of funds to parents thereby pushing the admission rates and at the same time maintaining the loyalty of the staff by providing very affordable and flexible employee loans. The outcome is better infrastructure, more students and loyal employees.  

Lenders like Creditap offer loans to private schools to help build and expand their infrastructure. 

The interest rates are extremely competitive and repayment tenure very feasible. Simplicity and security are two major criteria for institutions looking for financing solutions. We ensure our financing methods are not only simple and secure but extremely systematic and trustworthy. 

Better infrastructural Development

When you avail  Creditap’s private school financing program, it can be utilised for constructing new buildings for your school and also for improving the learning environment for students by bringing about new laboratories, libraries, bigger classrooms, etc.

Implementation of Best IT Practices

Use Creditap's financing solutions to improve connectivity in terms of modern technological communication improvements. This will allow easy dissemination of information and instruction from teachers to parents and students. It is quick and accurate and extremely convenient for both parties. You can also invest in new teaching devices, state of the art audiovisual equipment etc. 

Better Facilities for Sporting & Physical Wellbeing

Physical education and development of students are as important as mental stimulation. Thus having adequate sports facilities in a child's educational institute is a key factor when parents select schools for their children. Loans can be procured to finance better sports equipment and gadgets, playgrounds, courts or rooms for indoor games for your school. 

Adoption of better Teaching & Evaluation Methodologies

You can use such financing to invest on better teachers, improve the teaching methodology of your institute and meet the expectations of today's students and parents as well as upgrade your school to go beyond the set standards implemented by regulatory authorities.

Upgrading student Seating arrangements, Transport provisions etc

You can not only upgrade your school furniture, take care of repairs and renovations but also invest in commercial vehicles such as school buses and vans which will help bring in students from far-flung locations too.

 Better School Nutrition

Better food builds better bodies and brains. Many schools give the facility of day boarding to their students. This implies arranging for healthy meals for them along with designated areas for rest and recreational activities. You can use our financial solutions to add or improve such facilities in your institute.

Upfront Revenue

Creditap also gives you the benefit of an upfront payment of the total annual fee receivables for the entire academic year. This will help you greatly while doing your financial planning for the year.

Why choose Creditap for your financing solutions

360 Degree Integration

Seamless integration to any device, any platform 365 days or 24/7 ensures hassle-free and smoother on-demand experience for parents and Institutions alike.

Technology integration is the use of technology resources such as computers, smartphones, tablets, social media platforms, digital cameras, the internet, software applications etc. in the management of a school. Creditap offers technology that you can integrate with your institute's existing management system without any hassle or complication. Apart from being routine and transparent, it is accessible and available easily for an immediate task.

Adjustable loans

Our loan schemes are flexible, that is, it allows you to vary the repayments. Flexible EMI payment structures allow you to take a loan and pay conveniently and effortlessly. This can help you beforehand to decide on the best course to take. It also has several other benefits such as finance management help and managing small fund flow crunches.

Boost in student foot-fall

Apart from leveraging on technology, improvements in infrastructure and teaching staff, if you bring about convenience in fee payments for your customers, it will eventually lead to more popularity and better enrolments for your school. Creditap helps you bring about this convenience 

Uncomplicated procedure

Creditap makes the use of the latest technology, thus making it convenient for private schools to avail easy financing as well as extend that convenience to its customers. All you need to do is download or app or simply register online. All necessary documents can be then uploaded and a few simple steps later, a loan amount is agreed upon and disbursed.


If you wish to open/ develop a private school, your rewards are not only in the form of monetary gains but also in fulfilment of a social role and community development. However, it is an expensive venture and will require you to dispense with a large number of funds, often in the range of a few crores of rupees and it might be a little while before you break even and start showing profits. Taking on such a huge proposition by yourself could be extremely daunting. Thus seeking financial help for your private school is the ideal financial solution to your dream institute. Creditap takes care of your educational institution loans while you can concentrate on other aspects of your school that will help in the growth and development of the community as a whole.