Don't let cash deficits hinder your child's career aspirations

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Investment in education in the five-year outlay plans has been decreasing consecutively leading to cash crunches in public sector education. 

Investment in education in the five-year outlay plans has been decreasing consecutively leading to cash crunches in public sector education. This is why in India the public schools and colleges have reduced classroom sizes...also, they are lacking in technology and students who are neither groomed nor motivated for education. Bullying, lack of parental involvement and other factors make public education in India a very abject subject. This leaves parents who want to ensure a good academic future for their kids with little or no choice besides putting their children in good private schools. 

Typically, private schools charge at least 50% more than government schools in terms of admission fee, term fee and that becomes unachievable for many people from the lower and lower-middle classes. Even in the upper-middle-class; parents are often forced to reconsider their choice of premium educational institutions and settle for a less viable school/ institution because of lack of ready cash. This is exactly where Creditap comes in with its support of student education loans to ensure that no one loses their dream education because of a lack of funds.

Take the jump to a better school

If a lack of cash has forced you to put your child in a sub-standard educational institute then Creditap can help your child take the jump to a better school. Simply select a school of your choice that has the best facilities and credentials and offers the best prospects for your child and the Student EMI loan calculator will help you calculate the appropriate amount of EMI needed for the educational cycle. The approval is swift and paperless provided the documentation and information provided is authentic and financing is swift and easy. Absence of hidden charges and bulky and ambiguous hidden prints make using Creditap educational school fee financing services easy for everyone. The fee is disbursed directly to the educational institute making the whole process easier. 

Open the Doors to Higher Education

If you are a student suffering from a cash crunch and that's blocking the road to your higher education then don’t worry...Creditap is at your service to make your dreams come true. Assessments are real-time and loan approvals are super quick making higher education loan availability easy and accessible to students across all financial and social backgrounds.  Just pay a onetime processing fee and industry -best interest rates make repaying the loan easy. And there is also the loan status tracker which can help you check your loan record at the simple press of a button. You can check your loan status, repayment schedule, fee cycle on the go from your mobile using the Creditap. Check the Creditap website and you will find that several leading educational institutes have taken in students through Creditap loans and have even used the educational institute financing loans. You can pursue any higher education course of your choice using Creditap. 

Enhance your Career with ease

Professional courses like MBA, CA etc. are often very expensive and this proves to be a stumbling block for students and young professionals. This is why Creditap extends its educational funding through higher educational loan services for professional courses that aid in career development. This hugely empowering initiative has helped hundreds of youngsters swim faster towards their goals as finance was no longer a roadblock stopping them from acquiring professional skills. It’s estimated that 60% of middle and lower class students do not opt for professional courses because of the high costs. Creditap has made it their mission to vanquish this sad statistic and ensure that every aspiring candidate has the chance of shining in their career.

How to Use Creditap

Using Creditap is super simple. All you have to do is to log in to the Creditap website/ download the app or log onto and then calculate the loan amount you need from the Student loan calculator. With Creditap you can get instant hassle-free small educational loans from 5000 INR to 3, 50,000 INR. You can even calculate the EMI amount that is feasible for you from the calculator by filling in the name of the educational institute, loan amount, occupation of the loan applicant and Email Id. 

Next, you need to enter your eKYC and upload your financial credentials. After your approval comes (it’s usually super-