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When you apply for a study abroad loan, the employment that you get in these countries can enable you to fast-track your loan repayment

It’s that time of the year when every parent and child is applying for a study abroad loan because they have been accepted into a University. Every parent wants their child to settle down abroad and every child is anxious to study and later work abroad to pay back their loans. 

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, there are 32 million Indians working abroad.

We at Creditap look at the favorite destinations to study and the types of jobs available in these countries. Before we start do download our app and check out our study abroad loan offers.

In our previous blog, we showcased what type of courses students applied for. Now let’s look at the jobs in the country and the famous cities that offer you the best work.



The USA remains a popular destination for every student. Studying, working, and immigrating to the USA are still considered to be top priorities for students. The average salary in this country is $125k for a good engineering student and around $100k for an economics and accounting student.

Great cities to work:

The Bay Area, California: This West Coast region has 101 municipalities and three major cities San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. There are more than 139 startups with Unicorn status, which means they are valued at $1 billion or more.

Some of the best engineering talent moves to this region and the largest technology companies in the world are domiciled here. Tesla, Stripe, Intuit, Figmo & Gusto are some of the startups in the region.

Los Angeles, California: If Hollywood is calling you then LA is a great place to be for a budding actor, designer, or for anyone with a creative pursuit such as music or writing.

Apart from being one of the world’s largest regions for entertainment. It is also a place where some of the best companies are.

There are companies like Walt Disney, Skechers, Mattel, and Guess Inc which are based here.

Seattle, Washington: The home of Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle is one of the fastest growing regions in the West Coast of the USA. Companies like Helion, Amperity, Icertis and Zenoti are some of the startups that are Unicorns from the region.

So if you are on the west coast one has a plethora of choices to choose from if they have to work there.

The USA has indeed many cities such as Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Miami, Cleveland, Detroit, Orlando and many more that attract great talent from foreign regions.

But, New York, Washington DC and Boston are some of the regions that attract all forms of talent.

Some of the startups with Unicorn status in the New York region are Ro, Gemini, Fireblocks, Digital Currency Group and Open Sea. New York is one of the most popular financial centres in the world and it has companies like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan domiciled there. There are billion dollar hedge funds and much more in the city.

Similarly Boston is known for its research, medical companies and technology jobs.

Some of the popular companies in the Boston, Massachusetts region are Thermo Fisher, General Electric, Raytheon.

Now to the most important aspect of USA immigrantion to work after study. A STEM course and PhD in technology/medicine is often preferred to receive accelerated Greencard and Citizenship.

There are eight immigration Visa types if you are seeking to be an immigrant after graduation or you want to go on work. First get a good attorney.

  • Practical Training on an F1 Visa
  • Non-Immigrant H3 Visa (Trainee)
  • Non-Immigrant H-1B Visa Specialty Occupation
  • Non-Immigrant R-1 Visa Religious Worker
  • Non-Immigrant E1/E2 Visa
  • Non-Immigrant L-1 Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Obtaining a Green Card
  • Employment Based Immigration

The United Kingdom

There are plenty of Indians in the UK and the opportunities to work in several cities in the region is only increasing. The salaries in England varies, the financial and engineering jobs play a lot more £100k plus. Anyone from the art background can start off at £35k to £50k

London: Ancient and contemporary, the city provides a great cross-section of finance, manufacturing, entertainment, and art blossoming at the same time. HSBC, Tesco, BP, Shell and many more. Rapyd,, and Zepz are some of the startups in the region.

Glasgow: It is the largest economy in Scotland and there are 20,000 SMEs in the region to work in.

Birmingham, Leeds, New Castle, Liverpool, Manchester and Edinburgh are some of the places that the UK offers work opportunities after education.

Immigration to the UK has 36 types of Visas.

Long-term work visas and short term work visas are what you have to look into it you want to settle down in the USA.


Paris: A third of the French economy depends on Paris and its businesses. Similarly jobs are plentiful in this region. Carrefour, Societie Generale, BNP Paribas are some of the startups in the region.

From banking to retail to manufacturing to fashion and entertainment, Paris is sort of a cultural melting pot. France obviously is the place where Airbus is headquartered and so are the automobile companies Citroen and Renault.

Immigrating to France requires a talent passport where you can stay for more than five years provided you have studied Master’s in a French institution.


Every automobile and technology freak needs to land up in Germany to understand the industrial might of its history. From firms like Volkswagen to Mercedes to BMW to large industries like ThyssenKrupp, it is an engineer’s dream to study and work in Germany. Berlin is known for its startups and youthful buzz while the rest of the country has iconic places like Frankfurt, Munich, Bonn, Cologne, Hamburg, Wolfsburg and Stuttgart


Over the last decade there has been an increase in immigration to Canada, there are students who want to stay back to work in the region. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa are some of the cities that have a high concentration of banks which are in the Fortune 2000 list. Commercial Banking, gasoline wholesale, IT Consulting and retail are some of the big businesses in the region.

Immigrating to Canada after education requires you to qualify for a work permit. Here are the Visa details.


Over the last thirty years Australia has become the place to immigrate to after graduation. Australian cities Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide are some of the places where Indians flock to. Mining, Trade, Finance, Agriculture, Retail and Education are some of the popular industries to work for. Atlassian, Westpac, Woolworths Group are some of the largest companies in the region.

Here are some of the visas that you must keep in mind while wanting to work and immigrate to Australia.

Here are some categories of visas that are available:

  • 485 Skilled Graduate is a Temporary Visa
  • 402 Training and Research Visa
  • Then there is the 442 visa is for students to improve their work skills for up to two years while being sponsored by an employer.
  • The 487 Regional Sponsored Visa provides a pathway for permanent residency while allowing you to work for 3 years and work in a specialized regional area.
  • Then there is the 887 Skilled Regional

Residence Visa which awards you permanent residency and with this you can live and work in Australia permanently. You must have already lived in Australia for two years, have a year of work experience and have sufficient points.

  • There is the 885 Skilled Independent Residence Visa.
  • The 886 visa allows an overseas student to apply for permanent residency and work while being sponsored by an employer.

New Zealand

It’s one of those countries known for its scenic beauty. It was where Lord of the rings was shot and it’s a sports loving nation. Of late, immigrating to that country after graduation is becoming a reality. Agriculture, Tourism, Mining and Horticulture are some of the industries that students join in New Zealand.

Here are the Visa details. The Approval in Principle is the visa that an employer applies for if a student has to work for in New Zealand.

Other countries that many students immigrate to on work are UAE and Singapore.

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