Career counselling during the pandemic

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Career development is a lifetime process and you must be committed to learn new skills in the process. Your career may be influenced by your interests, values, abilities, personality, circumstances and background. The process of career counselling is to help you understand yourself better and tap into the ideal opportunity for your growth. Career counselling is aimed at making career, educational and life decisions.

When it comes to your career, education is the first step. You have to pick the right field to match your interests and abilities. Your life will change and new situations may arise, where you have to make a firm decision about your career. Some students may be confused about the opportunities available. Sometimes, you may end up working for a company without any real satisfaction. Even if you want to start your own business, you have to know yourself and the opportunities that lie ahead. Career counselling is meant to help you make better decisions now, and give you skills and knowledge required to make future life and career decisions.

What can you expect from a career counsellor?

Career counsellors are specialized in offering coaching, training and guidance to grow in your career. Most HR departments in companies are aimed at nurturing career growth. Thus, career counselling is an integral part of the employment landscape, especially when many people are not aware of the existing and future opportunities.

Your career counsellor can:

  • Help you figure out yourself, set your goals and aspire towards educational, career and life objectives.
  • Listen to your thoughts, ideas, concerns and feelings about your career and education opportunities.
  • Help you figure out yourself, organize your thoughts and priorities to make a more effective decision.
  • Help you find out factors that influence your career growth, and help assess your abilities, values and interests.
  • Help you locate opportunities and resources required to further your education or career.
  • Help you determine existing opportunities and make a solid plan for the future.

Career counsellors are highly sought after by professionals and students of all ages. They are a guiding force in every profession, to help people chase their passion and nurture their abilities. The new employment landscape requires careful study and career counsellors are integral to assessing career opportunities.

Career counselling during the pandemic

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of professionals lost jobs. Many students who graduated could not secure employment. Numerous companies were laying off assets and industries were adopting remote work environments. However, amidst the chaos, many people continued to search for opportunities. With the immense knowledge capital and access to resources, career counsellors were responsible for uncovering new opportunities and guiding people towards career development.

For those who are graduating 12th class, a clear direction is needed to pursue their career interests.Let’s explore some high-demand fields for career development.

1. Engineering & Technology

Infrastructural and product development is a need of the time, creating a high demand for qualified engineers and technology professionals. In fact, engineering and technology is at the forefront of innovation required for a growing India.

2. Computer Studies

We all know how important computer studies are to the modern workplace. From early learning to advanced career, computer studies play a vital role in shaping the future of the world. Qualified programmers, network engineers, server administrators, data experts and IT professionals are in high demand, especially in the shift to remote workforces.

3. Medical

Medical professionals and healthcare experts were responsible for leading at the frontline, saving lives and preventing deaths. Their role in the economy is huge, especially revealed during the times of a global pandemic. The Pharma & Healthcare sector continued to hire qualified professionals to meet the rising demand during the global pandemic.

4. Sciences

Science is a broad field, encompassing biology, physics, chemistry, astrology, psychology, astronomy, environmental studies and various forms of in-depth learning. For students looking to further their career in sciences, this field will always require passionate and driven individuals.

5. Architecture, Design & Planning

Everything that is built up, in terms of infrastructure, rural and urban planning is because of the architecture, design and planning professionals of this country. As the economy grows, the requirements for infrastructure will increase, making this field highly competitive yet rewarding.

6. Social Sciences & Humanities

Social sciences and humanities are another broad field that requires specialized workforce to meet the global demands. In today’s world, humanities and social sciences shape the public relations and educational landscape. For those interested in pursuing social sciences or humanities, the demand for qualified personnel is on the rise.

7. Management Studies

Management studies and business acumen are sought after by leading companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. The need for qualified and learned management professionals are rampant across industries. If you have a keen interest in management studies, you will be happy to know that every enterprise seeks knowledgeable and hardworking management graduates.

During these tough times, if you face any challenges pursuing your field of interest, there is still much hope.

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