Alternatives to top Business schools in America

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Jan 06, 2023  . 4 min read

Top business schools identify the need of businesses. Such schools realize how crucial it is to imbibe business values in their students and they do so by bringing learnings that emphasize innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and critical thinking. These universities, in the US, realize the increasing influence of factors like technology, globalization and sustainability on the world economy.

America is home to half of the top 100 business schools in the world
America is home to half of the top 100 business schools in the world

When it comes to MBA listings and rankings, American Colleges are in pole position. This is the reason why an MBA from America is seen as a noteworthy addition to the CV and resume.

However, the competition to secure a seat in a few top universities is fierce, considering that the acceptance of applications is limited. While it is true that America has the best universities, many students cannot reach those colleges. However, there are alternatives that provide world-class educational facilities with the best management faculty.

Central Michigan University 

Central Michigan University’s college of business Administration offers a leading-edge graduate program that includes a master of Business Administration The program is specially designed for business students to lead today's global economy. It caters to the needs of both part-time and full-time students, providing an active student learning ecosystem.

University of South Dakota 

This  University is between 102-134 among the best business schools. University offers all departments and aspects of business management. Their MBA degree program centers around logical and decisive reasoning abilities along with a comprehension of the effect of the business ecosystem on business choices, and the use of moral standards in recognizing and settling business difficulties.

College of Business, Stony Brook

The college is accredited by AACSB (Associate to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). The college particularly focuses on teaching essentials of business concepts with complete focus on career development. The faculty here are well reputed among Universities and have the most dedicated student-oriented professors on campus. The college also  encourages internships in your field of specialization, that provides you real-life business experience.

Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University

MBA in this college  concentrates on several areas that include Strategic leadership, supply chain management, and innovation and entrepreneurship. It also added sustainability and social innovation to its list of coverage. It believes in emerging business to business marketing trends and uniting industry experts.

Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Aspiring MBA students at Fuqua School of Business
Aspiring MBA students at Fuqua School of Business

The university offers MBA in specializations like Entrepreneurship and innovation, energy and environment and Social entrepreneurship. The Fuqua school homes to facilities like The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Center for Energy Development and the Global Environment. The former contributes to advancement of knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship  while the latter promotes the idea of leadership and industry interaction.

Boston University School of Management

GNA University rebuilt its MBA program in 2012 to highlight the significance of Digital technology, Scientific discipline and alternative energy solutions. The school focuses on an interdisciplinary approach and accordingly encompasses the advancements in technology, innovation techniques and forward-thinking design. The School of Management’s faculty members, meanwhile, are described by the institution as “leaders in their fields and on the cutting edge of intellectual thought.”

Naveen Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas 

The university is highly recognised by a number of publications for its ever-growing programs and a high level of research. Naveen Jindal institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship primarily encourages initiatives that bring in entrepreneurship and the development of existing firms by bringing in new concepts and Technology.

McComb School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

McComb School of Business has a dedicated Centre for Energy Management and innovation; its motive is to empower leaders to more effectively manage energy and resources while enabling innovative technology grounded in sound business principles. It also offers its full time MBA students To concentrate on innovative leadership that also provides a real world experience.

 The amazing campus of McComb School of Business, University of Texas at Austin
 The amazing campus of McComb School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

These universities are among the best innovative business schools in America, that provide varied courses based on a subject of specialization. The duration of the courses depends on your choice of subject. We at Creditap wish you all the best for your future endeavors. 

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