5 Reasons Why You Should Apply For Academic Loans

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Silver spoon privileges aren't for everyone, however, a good parent will spare no silver when it comes to their child’s future. Their academic journey begins early on and as crucial as a good education is; obtaining the means to ‘provide’ the same can be quite harsh. The constant increase and regular restructuring of the fee module make it inconvenient for hopeful parents. They tend to look for alternatives such as loans, personal loans or end up borrowing from loan sharks. The repayment terms can be quite cumbersome. The alternative to this ‘alternative’ exists and we call them Academic loans.

It’s simple

The loan offers flexibility in terms of repayments, by converting one-time fee payments to monthly easy EMIs that are distributed across the academic year.

It’s short-term

Academic loans stay true to their name. These short-term loans are designed for the academic year and the tenure will not extend beyond the stipulated term.

It’s fast

The process is quick! Thanks to complex technology - verifying, approving and disbursal of loans has never been smarter or simpler.

It’s collateral-free

The magic words in the borrowing realm are ‘collateral-free’! Academic loans apart from eliminating paperwork, skip the mammoth task of providing surety.

It’s pledged

The loan amount is directly transferred to the Institute of the borrowers choice, thus creating a trust triangle between the lender, borrower and the end user.

Academic loans are quick, easy, and salutary! In a world where exorbitant fee structures trump quality education, academic loans are gradually levelling the playfield, making opportunities more accessible and aspirational goals achievable. They can make all the difference in the world for ordinary people with extraordinary visions.